Tallaght Community Mental Health Team Details

Tallaght community mental health team is made up of a highly trained team of professionals who work together to help you cope with your illness and get better. Click on the links below to read more about what they do and how they might help you.

Team Members

Three consultant psychiatrists and one Professor of Psychiatry

One for East Tallaght, I for West Tallaght. I Central/West Tallaght.

Professor half and half Day Hospital, Day Centre and Home Care

Five doctors in training

Each of these are assigned to work with a particular consultant.

Two psychologists

  • One Senior Psychologist; one basic grade
  • Principle also has small caseload

Two psychiatric social workers

One for East Tallaght, One Central and West Tallaght

Fourteen and a half psychiatric nurses

  • 1 assistant director of nursing
  • 1 nursing manager in Day Hospital and  Day Centre
  • 2  nurses in Day Hospital
  • 1 nurse in Day Centre
  • 3 community mental health nurses (one with each consultant)
  • 1 nursing manager in-home care
  • 4 staff nurses in-home care
  • 1 clinical nurse specialist/registered nurse prescriber in Homecare
  • .5 clinical nurse specialists in behaviour therapy

Three occupational therapists

1 works in Home Care and with First Episode Psychosis.  2 cover the out patient services, day hospital and day centre.

Part- time dietician

Takes referrals from all parts of the service.

Two administrative support staff

Ensure all clinics run smoothly.

One household attendant