Coping in the days after flooding – Psychology Flood Support Line

Following recent weather events in Cork, Cork Kerry Community Healthcare has set up a support line for those dealing with the impact of flooding.

The HSE Psychology Cork Flooding Support line will be open for the next few weeks on 087 181 8039.

Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

It will offer psychology support to those affected by flooding in their home or businesses and will provide:

  • A listening ear, normalising and validating people’s understandable distress and experience
  • Brief guidance and education on typical responses in high-stress situations
  • Sign-posting to other appropriate support services for medium and longer-term follow-up if needed.

In addition, download the advice leaflet 'Coping in the days after flooding' 

The leaflet outlines some of the local supports and advice which may be helpful to people and their families.

Page last updated 1 November 2023