Resources for providing a Covid-19 safe workplace for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare staff

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare has launched two new resources to assist managers and staff in reinstating services and providing a Covid-19 safe workplace.

This guidance is for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare staff.

A presentation on the New Covid-19 workplace (PDF, 2.5 MB, 51 pages)

A protocol for the resumption of services and the preparation of buildings (PDF, 1.07 MB, 38 pages)

A presentation for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare staff on the new Covid-19 compliant workplace

This Cork Kerry Community Healthcare resource will assist managers in providing a Covid-19 safe workplace.

It will assist staff and managers to navigate the latest advice and guidance relating to Covid-19. It applies to staff who have continued to work as normal or are now returning to their usual roles.

For many of us, there will be changes to how we work, how we conduct our business in the workplace and to our surroundings.

These guidelines focus on general non-clinical guidance (as outlined by Health Promotion and Improvement in the Cork Kerry Community Healthcare Health and Wellbeing Department).

The issues covered include:

  •  what managers and staff need to think about before coming back to an office environment - for example, signposts to checklists developed by the Health and Safety Authority
  •  the signs and symptoms of Covid-19
  •  how the virus spreads, so new measures can be devised and put in place in the workplace to reduce the spread
  •  guidance on the issues of hand and respiratory hygiene, cleaning routines and physical distancing
  •  signposts to further resources, such as leaflets, video resources, posters and signage
  •  guidance on how to have a plan in place in the event that someone in the workplace becomes symptomatic
  •  what to do if someone in the workplace is a close contact of a confirmed case.

Protocol for the resumption of services and the preparation of buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic required many services in Cork Kerry Community Healthcare to cease face-to-face service delivery.

All services are now working towards reinstating these services in the safest and most effective way possible.  

Line Managers should refer to this Protocol Working Document for Resumption of Services and Preparation of Buildings.

It advises on how best to prepare for service resumption and steps to be taken to make buildings compliant. 

Some of the key areas outlined in the document are:

  •  guiding principles to the resumption of services
  •  set up and management of buildings where services are delivered and staff work
  •  infection Prevention and Control key considerations
  •  key roles and responsibilities in the resumption of services
  •  checklists to be used as part of the resumption of services
  •  useful links to key information and training