Priorities for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare

Cork-Kerry Community Healthcare has worked and engaged with staff across the organisation to create an identity and long term direction for the organisation.

Extensive engagement with 140 managers across the CHO has taken place to establish the strategic direction of the CHO.

Part of that work has involved identifying the long-term strategic priorities for the CHO. This work will allow us to achieve our vision of a healthier Cork and Kerry with an accessible, responsive, connected and high quality service valued by all.

A document called Forward Thinking sets out the six priorities of Access, People, Quality, Resources, Health & Wellbeing and Engagement. Work is now underway on a single overarching plan to bring clarity to the process, and to assist in making the plan a reality.

During Summer 2018, managers will have conversations with staff about the priorities and how we can all make them a reality in our work.

Documentation to support these conversations will appear on this webpage.

The poster at this link presents the Mission, Vision and Values of Cork Kerry Community Healthcare:

This poster outlines the six strategic priorities:

And these files contain a leaflet with a more detailed overview of the Mission, Vision, Values and Priorities:

Strategic priorities 

Managers across Cork-Kerry Community Healthcare will be holding discussion with their teams on the strategic priorities, so that teams and services can:

  • identify the actions they are already taking to achieve our strategic priorities
  • identify additional steps they could take locally

 A workbook is available to facilitate these local discussions.