After you recruit

When you recruit a new employee, you should consider the following during the appointment stage.


Preboarding refers to the time between an employee accepting a job offer and their first day.

Preboarding involves making contact with the employee and organising any equipment they may require, all of which help make the new employee feel welcome.

Contact your new employee at least 1 week before their start date to welcome them to the team and inform them of their start time and location, and who will greet them on their first day.

You can suggest that they begin the iStart Induction module on HSeLanD.

Check that you have a workstation set up and ready to use.

If applicable, submit a request through NSD Self Service for:

  • new starter set up
  • device order
  • mobile phone order
  • access to necessary software, applications and systems
  • access to file and shared folders


Onboarding is the process of integrating a newly-hired employee into the organisation.

On the first day, introduce your new employee to co-workers, stakeholders (where relevant), and give them a site tour.

Complete a new hire induction and direct them to the induction training programmes for all staff.

Use the induction guidelines and checklist to help you.

Tell them about your service and provide them with the information, tools and support to perform successfully in the role.

This includes:

  • assign a team buddy or mentor
  • arrange for an ID badge
  • confirm new starter with payroll
  • schedule regular check-ins and encourage feedback

Provide information on how to get setup on HR and payroll self service

Training and development

Direct your new employee to training and development information and resources for HSE staff: