Procurement Policy: Primary Objectives

HSE policies, procedures, standard templates & forms, guidance and applicable legislation are designed to ensure that HSE applies the highest standards of integrity, fairness, legality, confidentiality, and disclosure of interest to all procurement related transactions. All relevant procurement regulations should be applied so that competition is promoted, value for money secured, equal access to publicly funded contracts is afforded to all taxpaying suppliers, and openness and transparency assured. Where relevant, HSE procurement decisions should take account of prevailing social and environmental ethical standards.

The primary objectives of the HSE procurement policy are to ensure that all transactions:

  • Meet the requirements of customers
  • Give best value for money
  • Utilise the HSE's significant purchasing power
  • Are totally transparent and proportional
  • Ensure equality of access to qualified suppliers
  • Are formally contracted
  • Fully comply with Government Guidelines and EU Directives applicable to state bodies
  • Are undertaken in a professional manner

A full listing of the current approved national Procurement policies with links to the full documents is provided below: 

Read more about HSE procurement

Current Tenders – eTenders website

Details of the HSE's current tenders can be found at This is a central facility for all public sector contracting authorities to advertise procurement opportunities and award notices. The site is managed by the OGP. The site displays, on a daily basis, all Irish public sector procurement opportunities currently being advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), as well as other lower-value contracts uploaded to the site from awarding authorities. At any given time it will contain all open opportunities in the form of Tender Notices, Prior Indicative Notices (PIN) and Contract Award Notices (CAN). It also provides associated tender documents (where available) which can be downloaded from the site. The site can be searched for all current and expired tenders by tender name, keyword, date range and/or by Contracting Authority.