Finance Specialists

Led by Mairead Dolan, Assistant CFO

The Finance Specialists function provides focused leadership across the HSE in relation to financial governance and the effectiveness of the system of internal financial and other controls.

In order to ensure ongoing development of internal financial controls, the function is responsible for cultivating sustainable positive relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, including the Comptroller and Auditor General, the Revenue Commissioners, State Claims Agency, and HSE Audit and Risk Committees.                                                              

Services provided by the team

Tax Compliance

  • Providing policies and training for tax compliance across the HSE, in accordance with Revenue guidelines (Relevant Contracts Tax, Professional Services Withholding Tax, employment taxes, VAT).
  • Coordinating the HSE Annual Tax Review.

Annual Financial Statements

  • Consolidating the HSE’s Annual Financial Statements.
  • Liaising with the Comptroller and Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee.

Regional Operations

  • Managing the delivery of financial reporting, both monthly and annually.
  • Providing support for compliance with best practice on financial processes, procedures and controls across the current legacy finance systems in the former regions.

Governance and Compliance

  • Providing National Financial Regulations standards and guidelines.
  • Managing the Finance and Corporate Risk Register.
  • Developing a strong controls environment across the HSE.

Patient Private Property and Fair Deal

Administering and coordinating both the national Patient Private Property scheme and the national Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal).

Insurance and State Indemnity

  • Ensuring that the HSE's insurances are kept up to date, protecting the HSE and achieving value for money.
  • Liaising with the State Claims Agency.