Finance Specialists

Mairead DolanMairead Dolan,  Assistant Chief Financial Officer (ACFO)

The Finance Specialists function provides focused leadership across the HSE in relation to financial governance and the effectiveness of the system of internal financial and other controls.

In order to ensure ongoing development of Internal Financial Controls, the function is responsible for cultivating sustainable positive relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, including the Controller and Auditor General, Revenue Commissioners, State Claims Agency, and HSE Audit and Risk Committees.                                                              

Services provided by the team include the following:

Tax Compliance

Providing guidance, policies and training on tax compliance matters for the HSE, in accordance with tax legislation and Revenue guidance.

National Financial Regulations

Developing National Financial Regulations, which are intended to outline the high level framework within which the internal financial control system of the HSE operates.

Find out more and view the National Financial Regulations.

Statutory Reporting

Responsible for preparing the HSE’s Annual Financial Statements, and liaising with the Controller and Auditor General (C&AG) in relation these.

Risk Management

Managing the Finance and Corporate Risk Register for the HSE in relation to specific financial risks.

Internal Controls

Assisting the CFO in developing a Strategy to ensure a ‘strong control environment’ in terms of designing effective controls, monitoring, evaluating and taking remedial actions as needed. Assisting with the continued development and support of the National Financial Controls Assurance Group (NFCAG)*

*The National Financial Controls Assurance Group was established by the CFO in March 2015 and is made up of a Senior Representative from each of the HSE Service & Support Divisions at Assistant National Director or equivalent. Its core purpose is to provide practical high level support, co-ordination and problem solving solutions to a number of on-going Control and Finance Compliance issues, and to promote a positive response to change across the HSE

Insurance and Indemnity

  • Management of HSE’s Insurance Portfolio
  • Financial liaison role between HSE and State Claims Agency