Choosing video

If you haven’t produced video content before, you may underestimate the time and effort it takes to bring a video from initial idea to completion.

Consider the resources it takes to produce the video, the size of the audience, and the goals you are trying to achieve. If you are producing a video for the attention of a small number of people, you may need to consider whether it’s worth the time and effort involved.


Before deciding to produce a video, consider the following:

  • Do your video content goals align with your project or organisational goals?
  • Does your objective meet the needs or interests of your audience?
  • Is your video well suited to the channel you’re hoping to publish it on?
  • Is there another way to communicate this message?
  • What is the likely return on the resources you will use?
  • What is the potential life-span of this video, for example, Is this a once-off event launch or an informational video that will be relevant long-term?


Task: Develop your timeline