Energy efficiency programmes

The HSE has 2 main energy efficiency programmes. These are the Estates Energy Bureau and Optimising Power at Work Programme.

Estates Energy Bureau

The Estates Energy Bureau, set up in 2018, works in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

The Bureau has dedicated energy managers working with sites to:

  • establish energy teams
  • create registers of opportunities for energy saving projects
  • promote energy efficiency

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Optimising Power at Work

The Optimising Power at Work (OP@W) is a staff energy awareness campaign. It is run in partnership with the Office of Public Works.

The programme involves 3 key areas:

  • technology - installing energy monitoring equipment in all buildings
  • specialist resources- energy specialists working with energy teams in each building
  • staff engagement- teams of staff and other key stakeholders in each building

Find out more about Optimising Power at Work

Join your local energy team

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