Healthcare risk waste

Healthcare risk waste is any waste that poses a risk due to its potential infectious nature. Dealing with this waste correctly is important for every hospital.

We found that only 66% of the waste in yellow bags is healthcare risk waste. We need to address this because healthcare risk waste is the most expensive waste to dispose of.

Remember if you haven’t measured it, you can't manage it.

Measuring, monitoring and benchmarking waste in healthcare facilities

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Healthcare Risk Waste Training

Training on how to promote best practice healthcare risk waste management is available to Stericycle customers who are a HSE facility or community healthcare organisation.


Best practice guidance

Best Practice Guide on Healthcare Risk Waste Reduction (PDF, 2.77MB, 4 pages)

Best Practice Guide on Healthcare Risk Waste efficiency in Theatres (PDF, 1.73MB, 4 pages)

Best Practice on Bin Placement (PDF, 1.38MB, 2 pages)

Fact sheets

Factsheet on Healthcare Risk Waste (PDF, 1.24MB, 2 pages)


Risk Waste Segregation (Category B) poster (PDF, 197KB, 1 page)

Case Studies

Cork University Hospital: Reducing food waste and healthcare risk waste saves €115,000 per year (PDF, 1.03MB, 4 pages)

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital: Waste Minimisation Programme Overview (PDF, 1.41MB, 4 pages)

Cork University Hospital: maximising recycling and minimising healthcare risk waste in the theatre (PDF, 634KB, 2 pages)

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital: clinical waste efficiency in isolation rooms and other areas (PDF, 1.18MB, 2 pages)

Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore: minimising healthcare risk waste efficiency and maximising recycling in theatre (PDF, 965KB, 2 pages)

University Hospital Galway: healthcare risk waste prevention programme (PDF, 1MB, 2 pages)