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HSE South East Community Healthcare - CHO 5 
The HSE Social Inclusion Services in CHO5 have produced four reports focused on intercultural health care work.

1. “The Intercultural Healthcare Pilot Project” Report: A partnership pilot project between the HSE and the Integration and Support Unit (ISU) to develop model of intercultural healthcare with and for Asylum Seekers. The ISU at Mount Sion was established by The Edmund Rice International Heritage Centres (ERIHC) in 2006, to respond to the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in the Waterford area.

2. “Towards Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning”: Evaluation for the HSE (CHO 5, the South East) Social Inclusion Dept. on health care and promotion work with the Roma Communities in counties Waterford and Wexford.

3.“The Atelier Roma Men’s Programme”: Evaluation of a workshop/skills based, developmental programme with primary health care and English language module for Roma men.

4. “Intercultural Awareness and Practice in Health and Social Care”: Guide to a model of training developed in HSE (CHO 5, the South East) Social Inclusion Dept. to support staff in service delivery on a “Train the Trainer” basis.

The HSE’s Community Healthcare Organisation Area 5 (the South East), as part of the National Intercultural Health Care Strategy, are aiming to improve the health outcomes for minority and vulnerable communities. In the South East, a number of creative and innovative models of working have been developed that support both service user and service provider and that are designed to address the gaps and barriers preventing equitable health outcomes.

HSE Social Inclusion SECH has also developed a 3 year Intercultural Health Strategy for Roma, Refugees and People Seeking International Protection (2019-2022) which is informed by and aligned to the Second National Intercultural Health Strategy (2018-2023).  The development of this regional strategy involved consultation with members of these groups as well as with agencies and has resulted in a strategy that has clear, achievable and measurable goals  with a reporting structure.  View the strategy here 

HSE Social Inclusion SECH commissioned research by University of Limerick’s Graduate Entry Medical School on the healthcare needs and healthcare access of Syrian Refugees, Roma and people seeking international protection in South East healthcare area in 2019. This research report is available here.

Refugee Health SECH

 The 2021 Up-Dated Primary Healthcare Model for programme refugees documents the development of the in-reach primary healthcare project and accompanying health education tool kit for programme refugees living in the Reception and Orientation Centre, Clonea, Dungarvan, Co Waterford.   It also sets out a planned approach to work in South East Community Healthcare, with clarity of roles and supports  for  refugees.  This model was developed by HSE South East Community Healthcare (SECH) Social Inclusion and incorporates work SECH Social Inclusion has done on the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty.  

The Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement Project: Online Resources

Navigating health services and community supports can be a difficult and confusing experience for many, especially if English isn't your first language. Any barriers to accessing health services can result in poorer health outcomes and increased social isolation.  

The Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement Initiative has created online resources designed to ensure that newly resettled refugees across Cork and Kerry can access information and services more easily. The resources are intended to help people navigate the community supports and health services available to them both nationally and locally and include; a website, multi-lingual videos and interactive maps.


Click on this link to access a selection of videos about; calling the emergency services, the Irish primary healthcare system and general community services. Videos are available in Arabic and English.


The Cork Kerry Refugee Resettlement website offers a range of resources and information useful for refugees and those working with them. Including videos, community maps, translated documents and more.