Dementia Care and Support: Homecare Education Programme


Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Health Care Support Assistants
  • Home Care Co-ordinators

Brief description

The course is designed to draw on the knowledge and experience that staff within homecare services have gained through working with people with dementia. It is expected that this learning will be further reinforced in the course of their daily work-based activity, through individual reflection, ongoing discussion with other staff and the practical application of the knowledge and skills gained.

The overall objectives of the course are to ensure that on completion students will:

  • Understand how different approaches to dementia affect the type of care we provide.
  • Understand the impact of societal and personal stigma on the lived experience of the person with dementia
  • Take a reflective approach to building and maintaining relationships with the person with dementia, their families and any others involved in the care of the person.
  • Understand and practice self-awareness and self-care when building and maintaining care relationships
  • Understand and demonstrate a range of communication skills to support a person with dementia and others to express feelings and emotions
  • Recognise an ethical dilemma and apply an ethical approach to decision-making and finding solutions
  • Use a strengths and wellbeing approach to support meaningful engagement with a person with dementia

Mode of delivery

It contains 6 units, delivered over three days, covering two units per day; with a final day that includes a half-day revision and a practical assessment.

There are approximately 4 weeks between each training day and during this time you will meet with a supervisor and other learners to support your learning.


18 weeks, allowing 2 weeks after training for the submission of a reflective journal.


Free to HSE Health Care Support Assistants