Dementia Enhanced Home Supports E-learning Programme



Who is the programme suitable for?

  • Health Care Support Assistants

Brief description

The programme focuses on exploring how health care support assistants can adopt an enhanced supporting role to better enable people living with dementia to remain engaged and active in their homes and in their community. 

Building on existing person centered approaches health care support assistants already use in their day-to-day work, the programme explains how enhanced home supports can help meet the needs of people living with dementia.

The programme contains four parts to support the development and enhancement of a more personalised approach to home care provision for people with dementia and includes real-world stories, video content and scenarios.

Mode of delivery


60 minutes

Learners will also be required to undertake a short assessment to gain certification.



To access the module, search ‘Dementia Enhanced Home Supports’ or access it through the clinical skills catalogue on HSeLanD