Happy Talk Resources

Happy Talk Resources

These are some of the resources contained in the Happy Talk programme. We would love for you to use them. Click below to see resources which are used as part of the Happy Talk Programmes. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Whole Setting Audit

The Whole Setting Audit is a self-assessment tool, administered by the pre-school and crèche staff which assesses the language learning environment of the educational setting.

This is a self reflection tool used by staff to develop the setting under a number of different areas.

Download whole setting audit

Book Area Audit

The Book Area in Early Years setting plays a valuable role in developing children’s communication, and enjoyment of stories and books. In recognition of this and with a view to promoting the improvement of Book Areas in Preschools and Crèches, early years staff undertake an audit of their Book Area.

The Book Area Audit is a self-assessment tool, administered by the Preschool and Crèche staff which assesses the book area of the educational setting.

Download book area audit

Transition Flower

Happy Talk recognises the importance of supporting children through transitions. It focuses particularly on the transition from pre-school to the primary school. Happy Talk has produced a transitions tool, the Transition Flower, which may be used by Pre-school staff to share information on the child with the parents and junior infant teacher.

Pre-school staff complete the Transition Flower for each individual child moving on to Junior Infants. The Transition Flower is based on what the staff has observed of the child. It focuses on areas which the child has developed

Download Transition Flower  (PDF)

Communication Wheel

The Happy Talk Communication Wheel is used to discuss the baby’s communication development, to establish where the baby is currently, and what parents can expect next.

Happy Talk Handouts

Happy Talk Books

Happy Talk has developed story books to encourage children and families to read together and visit the library. These books can be found in your local library

Nibbles and Twitch visit the Glen.   Nibbles and Twitch visit Mayfield   Nibbles and Twitch visit the Library

Happy Talk Posters

Have fun with rhyme
Turn of Tune in
It's never too early
Say the words the right way
Follow your child's lead
Balancing questions and comments 

Happy Talk Calendar

The Happy Talk Calendar is full of fun ideas and games to help families and educators get involved in language development every day. Each month the Happy Talk Calendar promotes activities to promote communication and language development. Every month there is also suggested Rhymes of the Month and Happy Talk Mindful Moments