Aids and appliances

The HSE provides a range of aids, appliances and assistive technology for people who have a clinical requirement for devices which can support them in their daily living. The national list of devices and relevant prescribing criteria is available below.

The information and resources on this page are intended for clinicians who, in the course of their work, prescribe aids, appliances or assistive technology for people who are assessed as having a clinical need. It is important that the person’s requirements are assessed appropriately before prescribing any device.

National list of aids and appliances and prescribing criteria

Baseline assessment criteria for prescribing

You must verify that the following common prescribing criteria is met:

  • service user is assessed by a trained healthcare professional, to determine that there is a clinical requirement for the aid/appliance
  • equipment is selected with regard to the safety and efficiency of the service user and/or carer(s) who will be using it
  • where appropriate, the service user’s living environment is assessed and deemed suitable for using the prescribed aid/appliance
  • clinical and manufacturer's contraindications for use have been excluded
  • specifications of the prescribed appliance match the service user’s essential clinical need only. Any unnecessary higher specification products or features, that are desirable rather than essential, should not be prescribed
  • service user and/or carer(s) give consent to using the aid/appliance prescribed
  • service user and/or carer(s) are informed and indicate they understand their responsibilities relating to the loan agreement they must sign

Get an overview of aids, appliances and prescribing criteria (common and item-specific criteria) in the national list and prescribing criteria manual (PDF, 1.9MB, 150 pages).  Or select your area of interest from the links below. The manual can be used by health professionals directly involved in service user care; and administrative staff involved in supplying equipment.

Category-specific prescribing criteria

Health professionals who can prescribe include:

  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • public health nurses
  • speech and language therapists
  • clinical engineers with the appropriate skills and competencies 

Category-specific information for prescribers

Category specific information for prescribers (Appendix 2) (PDF, 300KB, 17 pages)

Checklist for prescribers to meet prescribing criteria (Appendix 1) (PDF, 300KB,1 page)

Business support tools

These tools are intended to support ordering and processing. Good record keeping is essential for safe management of aids and appliances. A standardised management system should be in place. Consult your local equipment service for details. has a checklist for clients using medical devices at home.