Resources Count in Cork Kerry Community Healthcare

Under our strategic priority of resources, we want to create a culture of efficiency that make the best use of resources in all our services by:

  • Providing timely access to accurate information to support informed decision-making throughout the organisation
  • Tailoring service plans to meet current and future demographic demand
  • Ensuring that available resources are used in the most effective way to achieve best quality outcomes
  • Ensuring that we have access to appropriate levels of resources

Work which has taken place already includes the electronic availability of a directory of management activity data which is available at this link (please include the attached document called CKCH Directory of Management Data Oct 2019)

Other work includes the development of standard business case templates, the development of a charter that sets out the process for Multi-Annual Planning and the beginning of an ambitious project to carry out a Population Needs Assessment for Cork and Kerry.

In 2020 , we will develop guidance for financial planning and explore collaborative funding opportunities internal and external.

We’d like to hear and share your stories of how you are Making Our Priorities Count - send your stories to  We’ll share them on-line, and may invite you to share your story with colleagues at November Staff Information Sessions. You can see more details on