PQ's on Intercultural Health 2016

PQ Number 26456/16 Deputy Louise O'Reilly* To ask the Minister for Health the action being taken by his Department to ensure that recommendations of the 2015 report on improvements to the direct provision system are implemented in respect of those falling under the remit of the HSE; the reason the progress report at part 5.100 lists the recommendation as being implemented by the HSE despite the absence of new protocols and enhanced services; the engagement the HSE has on this; if there has been a follow-up on this; the action that will be taken to ensure new protocols and enhanced services are actually developed; the timeframe for same; and if he will make a statement on the matter. 

26456-16 (Improvements to Direct Provision System) final DN.pdf (size 205.3 KB)

PQ Number 22264/16. Deputy Alan Kelly. * To ask the Minister for Health his plans to publish the review carried out into the previous National Intercultural Health Strategy 2007-2012; and the timeline for its publication.

PQ 22264-16 (NIHS review) final DN.pdf (size 199.1 KB)

PQ Number 24099/16. Deputy Billy Kelleher. * To ask the Minister for Health the outcome of work by the HSE Primary Care Division with CHOs to map existing models of interpreting provision, including details in respect of uptake, costs and outcomes.

PQ 24099-16 (Interpreting Provision) final DN.pdf (size 147.5 KB)

PQ Number 24100/16. Deputy Billy Kelleher. * To ask the Minister for Health the results of the survey of health service user experiences of using interpreting services in two settings.

PQ 24100-16 (Interpreting Services -SU experiences) final DN.pdf (size 214.6 KB)

PQ Number 24101/16. Deputy Billy Kelleher. * To ask the Minister for Health to provide those CHOs in which roll out TENI (Transgender Equality Network) training has been rolled out

PQ 24101-16 (TENI training) final RL.pdf (size 104.1 KB)