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The Intern Year

The intern year is the first year of postgraduate medical training and is an essential step in every doctor’s career in Ireland. During this year, the intern will be provided with the opportunity to experience the reality of patient care in a range of healthcare settings. A Medical Intern Board was established in 2017, by both the HSE and the Medical Council of Ireland, with responsibility for the governance and strategic direction of the intern year. To support the Medical Intern Board, a Medical Intern Unit was established (2018) to over-see and manage the operational delivery of the intern year as well as to implement strategic recommendations of the Board.

The Medical Intern Unit works in collaboration with the Intern Network Executive, the Irish Medical Schools Council, the Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies, the HSE Health Business Services Recruit and the Medical Council of Ireland.

The Medical Intern Unit is led by Clinical Lead, Prof. Gozie Offiah ( and supported by Lukasz Wasiak (

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