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Pictured above, Dr Brian Kinirons

Medical Director of the National Doctors Training and Planning Department


Clinical Education & Training (E&T) Pilot


A Medical E&T model pilot commenced in September 2022 with the South/South-west (SSW) and Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) hospital groups.  The pilot was extended in July 2023 with the inclusion of the Saolta hospital group.  The principles agreed with the pilot steering group, were:

The Clinical Education & Training (E&T) model will see the establishment within two pilot Hospital Groups, each led by a NDTP Group Clinical Director of Education & Training (CD E&T). Each NDTP Site Consultant for Education & Training (CE&T) will report to the NDTP Group CD E&T. The proposed model will be required to adhere to a defined set of principles.  The final principles will ultimately be agreed by the pilot steering group, however they will include:

  • Protection of time for the E&T roles.
  • Appropriate administration support E&T roles.
  • Ensure supports Model 2 & 3 not just Model 4 hospitals.
  • Open competition for the E&T roles.
  • E&T roles must be focused on cross specialty.

Under the Medical E&T model funding is provided by NDTP for Clinical Directors for Medical E&T in each of Group/Region with backfill, site E&T consultant leads for large healthcare sites with backfill, an E&T bursary for smaller sites and project management and administrative support for each Group/Region & site. This is a huge step up from in funding from the previous Training Lead (TL) model which largely provided an allowance for one or two TLs in each hospital group with no back-fill.

The pilot team initial focus has included:

  • Greater profile for Education & Training and governance;
  • Enhanced induction for NCHDs, including international NCHDs;
  • Integration with Grand Rounds, simulation and other training activities;
  • Short-term infrastructure improvements, supplemented by NCHD Taskforce funding;
  • Highlighting structures for supervision, well-being & mentoring;
  • Hosting or promoting online and in-person E&T related events;
  • Better use of technology such as Hospital Buddy for trainees; and
  • Support and monitor implementation of interim and final recommendations of NCHD Taskforce.

Joint NDTP/Pilot Steering Group site visits to each of the three pilot were undertaken during 2023 and 2024 as well as regular reporting against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This indicates, while each pilot was at a different stage as part of their three-year programme, progress has been made to date. Therefore, a decision has been taken to extend from pilot phase to a full transition to this Medical E&T model for the all remaining Health Regions and this is being planned for rollout in 2024 and 2025.