NDTP Doctors Integrated Management E-System

Healthcare Awards 2016 CIPD1

NDTP are pleased to announce the National Employment Record (NER) was the winner in the 'Best use of IT' category at the November 2016 Irish Healthcare Awards. The award recognises this innovative system which benefits both NCHDs and employers.

At the February 2017 CIPD Awards the National HR Division of HSE received a Special Recognition Award. Special mention was given to the development of the National Employee Record and the work of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion and the HR People Strategy.

NDTP would like to thank all those NCHDs who have opened NER Portal Accounts and Medical HR Departments Nationally for working with us to ensure the success of NER.


A National NCHD Database/MPS was developed by the HSE and rolled out in July 2011. The primary function of the database at that time was to enable the registration, training and employment details of NCHDs and the training and employment details of NCHD posts to be collated and shared on a single national system. Since then, in August 2016,  the system changed its name from Medical Practitioners System to National Doctors Training and Planning - Doctors Integrated Management E-System (NDTP-DIME).

In June 2015 NDTP piloted the National Employment Record (NER) Module designed in conjunction with the software developer, HSE ICT and NDTP. NER, was rolled out nationally from October 2015. It enhances the existing NDTP-DIME by incorporating an efficient management system of essential documentation that NCHDs must provide prior to commencing a new post. The system reduces the overall amount of paperwork that NCHDs need to submit, by providing a central location for which the individual NCHD can access and upload documentation using a secure web-based portal. This documentation can then be accessed by the clinical site where they are posted through NDTP-DIME NER Module.

This system is used and accessed by clinical site users, the Medical Council and the postgraduate medical training bodies to aid the delivery of their respective functions and roles.

In August/September 2016 NDTP piloted the Consultant Module of DIME and following its success training was provided to all sites during October 2016. This Module allows NDTP create Consultant Posts on DIME and employers then assign their consultants to these posts. The recording of all posts will allow for greater reporting at local and national level and will inform workforce planning decisions. For more details please visit the 'Updates' tab within the NDTP-DIME section of this website.

During Q4 2016 and Q1 2017 NDTP have worked closely with Dr Lynda Sisson National Clinical Lead Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Opensky and HSE OoCIO to develop an Occupational Health Module within DIME. This module went live in May 2017 and further reduces the paperwork burden for NCHDs by moving from a hardcopy to softcopy management of Occupational Health documentation.

Additional functionality has been added to the NER Portal allowing NCHDs interact confidentially and directly with their Occ Health Department. The PPHA has been replaced with an Occupational Health Form (OHF). There are three discrete sections to the Form; Employment History, Sickness Absence and a Health and Ability Declaration. Provided all mandatory sections of the Form are complete the NCHD can submit the Form to their Occupational Health Department for verification. There is a section on the NER Portal Dashboard to allow NCHDs to upload the relevant immunisation documentation. If an NCHD occupies a post which requires EPP clearance, or are an Intern, they must be cleared for EPP by their OHD. The OHD can then flag to the NHCD and employer that they have been cleared. 

The Consultant Applications Portal (CAP Module) was rolled out nationally in June 2018. The CAP Module is used to apply for new posts, replacement posts and for the restructuring of existing posts. The introduction of the CAP Module provides a centralised paperless system which helps to expedite the process of consultant post approval and allows visibility and traceability of forms throughout the entire application process.

The new Training Supports Scheme (TSS) came into effect from Monday July 8th 2019. NDTP has created a new TSS module that will enable NCHDs and Medical Manpower Departments to manage the administration for the Training Supports Scheme using a streamlined centralised system which will also provide transparency throughout the entire process for all stakeholders.


NDTP DIME can be contacted at doctors@hse.ie  DD: Lorraine Flynn (017959917), Aoife Nolan (087 380 6958), and Stephen O' Donnell