Consultants Division


The Consultants Division is responsible for the regulation of the number and type of medical consultant posts. The core functions of the Consultants Division are to provide administrative support to the Consultant Applications Advisory Committee (CAAC) and Type C committees and to expedite the consultant application and approval process.

Consultants Division Contact Details 

A detailed outline of the team members’ contact details and their respective areas of responsibility can be found here

Consultant Applications Advisory Committee

The Consultants Division processes all applications for consideration by the Consultant Applications Advisory Committee (CAAC).

The role of CAAC is to provide independent and objective advice to the HSE on applications and qualifications required for consultant posts. The recommendations of CAAC are then submitted to the National Director of Human Resources and, if a post is approved, the Consultants Division issues the Letter of Approval (LOA).

Type C Committee

Applications by consultants for a Type C contract, to enable off-site practice for doctors in addition to their public commitment, are also processed within the Consultants Division.

Type C applications are submitted for review to National Acute Operations and following appropriate endorsement by the National Director for Acute Operations, applications are referred to the Type C Committee for consideration at monthly meetings. Upon recommendation for approval by the Type C Committee, the applications are then sent to the HSE Chief Executive Officer for final consideration.

Type C applications can be submitted from the Clinical Site, via the relevant CHO or Hospital Group, to the Consultants Division by email: