Lead NCHD Initiative

The Lead NCHD initiative is one of a range of initiatives taken at national level to improve NCHD recruitment and retention in the Irish public health system.

The role is a recommendation from the MacCraith Report, and, while still developing, is a critical to two way communication between NCHDs and the management structures in hospitals around the country, which benefits NCHDs and patients.

National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) in collaboration with the National Clinical Director Programme and the Quality Improvement Division (QID) implemented pilot Lead NCHD roles in five acute hospitals within the public health service for the period 2013/2014.

Following a review of the pilot programme the Lead NCHD Initiative was rolled out nationally in 2014/2015, and was extended further in 2017 with Leads in 32 acute hospitals and 7 mental health areas. Pilot programmes in General Practice and Public Health are currently were launched in November 2017.

The supports provided by NDTP-HSE to Lead NCHDs includes Lead NCHD workshops, joint Clinical Director Lead NCHD workshops, an Educational Bursary, attendance at the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management Conference in Liverpool, supports for initiatives and support from the National Lead NCHD/NDTP Fellow. 

A list of current lead NCHDs can be found at: name and hospital location 

If you wish to discuss further please contact me at eva.oreilly@hse.ie