Medical Intern Board

The Medical Intern Board has been established since October 2017 with responsibility for the governance and strategic direction of the intern year on a national basis. The Board is a joint initiative by the HSE and the Medical Council, with representation from the HSE and Medical Council, as well as the Intern Network Executive, the Irish Medical Schools Council, and the Forum of Postgraduate Training Bodies, and has an independent chair.

The purpose of the Medical Intern Board is to:

  • Establish a national governance structure for the medical intern training programme in Ireland.
  • Initiate and facilitate the development of a centralised approach to ensure a:
  • Intern experience across all Intern Networks in Ireland.
  • Facilitate the development of a national, outcomes-based medical intern training programme which meets Medical Council standards for intern training.
  • Facilitate and support delivery of the national intern training programme by providing advice and direction.
  • Facilitate the Medical Council and the HSE in consulting and seeking advice on the fulfilment of their obligations with regard to intern training under Part 10 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007.

The Medical Intern Board has an independent Chair and includes representation from:

  • Medical Council of Ireland 
  • HSE (NDTP)
  • Intern Network Executive
  • Irish Medical Schools Council
  • Forum of Postgraduate Training Bodies
  • National Lead NCHD Fellow