How can you get ready for change?

Create a healthy environment for change through the People and Culture Change Platform.

Change Guide - People & Culture Change Platform

People & Culture Change Platform

Presents nine priority areas for you to focus on to help you create this environment for change. As team leader you should check how ready your team and service are in relation to each of these priorities. Your team can then work together to identify how you can make progress on all of these areas.

Practice collective leadership

Be aware of your own leadership style. Consider how best you can share and develop leadership in your team as you work towards a shared purpose. Build networks of support with other teams to deliver better services.

Model shared values

Are your service values clearly understood? Show these values in your behaviour and actions to create a culture of care, compassion, trust and learning. Work with colleagues to influence and demonstrate shared values.

Engage and communicate

Support early and on-going engagement with service users, families, citizens, communities and frontline staff. Value and use their experiences to ensure people’s needs are defining change.

Understand personal experiences

Tap into people’s experiences in order to understand people’s concerns and the impact of proposed changes on individuals and teams. Use this information to work together to co-design a better way to deliver services. Address concerns sensitively to help people adapt to new work practices.

Support behaviour change

Increase your understanding of the factors that can lead to sustained change in behaviour. Create positive working relationships of trust to help individuals and teams change their behaviour. Address unacceptable behaviour.

Invest in people and teams

Help people gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver better services. Do this through coaching and other development opportunities. Place a particular emphasis on helping teams to deal with real service issues.

Network and partner

Build on existing networks and partnerships throughout the health and social care system to help create a shared energy for change.

Use evidence and lever technology

Use data and evidence to inform practice and service changes. Use technology or e-health solutions to help increase efficiency or to progress innovative practices.

Deliver public value and be accountable

Ensure the voice of service users and communities is at the centre of policy and service design decisions. Strengthen accountability within your service to reflect what is important to the people you serve and to your team.

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