Why would teams use the Change Guide

What is the Health Services Change Guide?

It is the agreed approach to change signed off by the HSE and Trade Unions.

It is a hands-on guide to help managers and staff across the health and social care system to make change and deal with real service issues.

What is the Health Services Change Framework?

The Change Framework brings together all the elements you need to focus on to deliver change. The change outcomes are safer better healthcare and services that are valued by the public and by staff.

  • It places People’s Needs Defining Change at the centre of all change initiatives.
  • It recognises that change is essentially about people.
  • It prioritises engagement - ‘people support the change they help to create’.
  • It focuses on a People and Culture Change Platform to prepare an environment where change can be encouraged and developed.
  • It provides guidance on the change activities:
  • Define what needs to change and clarify why
  • Design a better future with all key people involved
  • Deliver and sustain the change

Why would teams use the Change Guide?

 It increases your chance of success by:

  • providing all the help you need to carry out change and improve services
  • guiding you on how best to work with service users, families and staff to understand their needs, value their experiences and design service improvements.

 It simplifies change in a complex system by:

  • recognising the importance of working with people in their own situation to design and deliver change that meets their specific needs and local context
  • providing an opportunity to connect change and service improvement initiatives at local and national level

It helps people to do change well by:

  • helping teams to develop the ability to carry out change initiatives with confidence
  • guiding you through the change process in detail, with lots of helpful resources