Non-Training Doctors


The continuous professional development support scheme (CPD–SS) is being funded by the HSE to facilitate NCHDs who are not in training posts to continue to maintain and enhance their clinical knowledge and skills and also to maintain their professional competence in line with Medical Council requirements. NCHDs are required to achieve a minimum of 20 externally validated educational credits per annum. See Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) for more details.


CPD Resources:



The e-portfolio module will enable NCHDs who are not in a formal training programme to record all aspects of their career, progression and development.

It is free to access to all NCHDs who hold a national employment record account and its primary group is those who are not formally attached to a training scheme.

It will also give NCHDs the opportunity to have their experience validated by their supervising consultant where applicable. It also gives the supervising consultant the ability to give structured feedback. All activities recorded in the e-portfolio can be exported in the form of a logbook.

Training manuals and guidance documents for NCHDs and consultants have also been developed and can be accessed here 

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