Citywest Vaccination Centre begins vaccinating 65 to 69 year olds

Citywest Vaccination Team
Citywest Vaccination Centre: (L-R) Aidan O’Connor, HSE Estates, Phil O’Neill, Operations Manager for Citywest, Eileen Whelan, Vaccination Lead Citywest, Richard Quinlan, Chief Ambulance Officer North Leinster, Caitriona Edgar NAS Vaccinator, Karl McKenna NAS Vaccinator and Chris Fitzpatrick, Clinical Lead.

Vaccinations of those aged 65-69 who have registered will begin this week in the Citywest Vaccination Centre. Appointments for people to attend the vaccination centre in Punchestown will also commence with the view to having this centre open next week. Both centres are currently vaccinating vulnerable cohort 4 people identified by their care providers.

The  Covid-19 vaccine being offered to people aged 65 to 69 is the AstraZeneca vaccine. This vaccine has been approved for use by both the EMA (European Medicines Agency) and NIAC (National Immunisation Advisory Committee) in keeping with the strictest standards of safety and quality, and is a highly effective vaccine.

Ms. Eileen Whelan, Vaccination Lead for Citywest Vaccination Centre and Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery Dublin Midlands Hospital Group said, “Our staff have been working very hard to implement the vaccination programme since the beginning of the year. We have mostly completed healthcare workers and are now currently completing those identified as high risk/ vulnerable in cohort 4. To date more than 18,000 people have been vaccinated in these groups at Citywest. This extension of the vaccination to 65-69 to be completed at Citywest and Punchestown is a positive and welcome step towards ensuring we can vaccinate people as quickly as possible. I would like to acknowledge the work and commitment of all our staff who are supporting this delivery. We look forward to welcoming those aged 65-69 for vaccination in the coming weeks.”

Margaret McQuillan, Vaccination Lead for HSE Dublin South, Kildare West Wicklow Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO7) said, “Punchestown Vaccination Centre is due to open for people in the 65 to 69 year age group who are registered from Wednesday 28th April and preparations are at an advanced stage. The centre is currently vaccinating people identified in the cohort 4 grouping. To date there have been 23,053 vaccines administered to residents and staff in Nursing Homes, Disability and Mental Health sectors by our community and hospital vaccinators across the region.”

707 Taoiseach at Citywest Vaccination Centre
Citywest Vaccination Centre.

Vaccination is by appointment only. We would ask people not to go to a vaccination centre without an appointment. People will not be vaccinated if you do not have an appointment and photo ID. Appointments will be spaced out to keep everybody safe. Don't be late for your appointment. If you do not arrive on time, you will not get your vaccine.

People should bring your appointment information to the vaccination centre. This will be on your mobile phone or in a letter. You will also need to bring your photo ID.

This can be your:

  • passport - book or card
  • driving licence
  • Public Services Card
  • travel pass
  • National Age Card - issued by the Gardaí
  • identification form with a photograph signed by a member of the Gardaí - get this from a Garda station
  • You will not be vaccinated if you do not have photo ID.

All 65-69 year olds should register online if you haven’t already been vaccinated or you haven’t received an appointment yet. If you have an appointment for vaccination already, through work, or because of a health condition, you don’t need to register online.  The quickest and easiest way to register is online at It is a new system which will register people, manage appointments, and provide a secure record of your vaccination. This group will be the first to use it and most groups being vaccinated from now on will also use it.

Watch Eileen Whelan Vaccination Lead for Citywest speaking about establishing Citywest Vaccination Centre

Watch What you can expect when you attend Citywest Vaccination Centre.

 114 Taoiseach at Citywest Vaccination Centre
Ms Eileen Whelan, Vaccination Lead Citywest, Ann O’Shea, Chief Officer HSE Dublin South Kildare West Wicklow, Trevor O’Callaghan CEO Dublin Midlands Hospital Group welcome An Taoiseach Micheál Martin to Citywest Vaccination Centre

Further Information

Who should register for their vaccines?

People aged 65 to 69 are being vaccinated next, please register online or on the phone.

The easiest way is to do it online, but you can ring HSELive if you can’t.


When should I register?

To avoid delays when we open registrations this week, we are asking people to register by age:

If you are 69 – please register on Thursday 15 April, or any time after

If you are 68 – please register on Friday 16 April, or any time after

If you are 67 – please register on Saturday 17 April, or any time after

If you are 66 – please register on Sunday 18 April, or any time after

If you are 65 – please register on Monday 19 April, or any time after

And remember, there is no hurry to register today - registering first won’t get you vaccinated first.


What do I need to register online?

To register online you will need your PPSN, your eircode, a mobile phone number and an email address. You can use a mobile, computer or tablet.


When and where will I be vaccinated?

Vaccinations for this group will start in HSE vaccination centres around 1 to 2 weeks after registration opens.


What vaccine will I be given?

People aged 65-69 will be offered the AstraZeneca vaccine. You can read all about this vaccine on the HSE website here. 


When will you be in touch with me after registration?

Once you are registered, we will send your appointment details by SMS, 3 to 7 days before your vaccination appointment.


What happens at the vaccination centre?

You can read all about our vaccination centres here.


Can I help someone else to register?

A friend or family member can help you register if you don’t have an email address or mobile phone.
You can use a single email address and phone number for multiple registrations.
You can also ring HSELive to register someone else.


I’m a healthcare worker aged 65-69

If you have not registered on the HCW portal you should register on this system. If you have an appointment for a vaccine already, through work, or because of a health condition, you don’t need to register here.


I’m in this age group, but in a different allocation group, do I need to register?

All 65-69 year-olds should register if you haven’t been vaccinated or you haven’t received an appointment. If you have an appointment for a vaccine already, through work, or because of a health condition, you don’t need to register here.


What about people who cannot or do not want to register online?

Our team in HSELive is here to help and can register you on the phone. Just have your PPSN, Eircode and mobile phone number. If you don’t have a mobile phone you can provide us with the phone number of someone you trust to receive your appointment details.

HSELive can also be contacted through the Irish Remote Interpreting Service in Irish Sign Language or by a dedicated text number for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Information is available on the HSE website.


Why did we merge allocation group 5 and part of group 6?

This was based on our experience of earlier allocation groups, where identifying people by condition was very challenging and led to delays contacting people. In addition we now have an increase in supply of vaccines – this approach is the most efficient and timely way of vaccinating everyone in this group, including those with high-risk conditions.


What information is asked for when registering – and why?

  • Mobile phone number so we can text you your appointment details
  • Your email address so you can set up your account
  • Eircode and Address so we can assign you to your nearest vaccination centre


The following are needed so we can find your Individual Health Identifier which means we can securely record your vaccination against your health record.

  • PPSN
  • Mother’s birth family name
  • Gender
  • Nationality


Why do you want my GP’s name?

We capture GP information so we can send your vaccination record to your GP.


What if I don’t have a GP?

There is an option to say you don’t have a GP.


Why do we ask about ethnicity?

Ethnicity is captured so we can make sure there are no communities left out of the vaccination programme, and that we are able to report on the performance of the programme for all our population. If you do not want to share your ethnicity with us you can select this option in the list on this page.


What if I don’t have a PPSN, Eircode or mobile phone?

You can call HSELive and they will register you on the phone.


How do we stop people registering out of their turn?

The system will alert anyone not aged 65-69 that is it not their turn to register.


Data Security

Data security is a priority for the HSE. The Vaccination Information System has been designed to ensure only necessary information is captured and stored securely in line with HSE data retention policies. All information is encrypted in transit and at rest. The privacy statement for the Vaccine Information system is available here

User accounts created on registration use two factor authentication, email and mobile phone number, to provide people with secure access to their own information about their vaccination.


Why we ask for your gender

We ask for your gender as it appears on your passport, medical card or national age card, so we can match your registration to your Individual Health Identifier (IHI).

Your IHI is the number that matches you to your existing health records.

We understand this may not match your current gender or how you self-describe but it is important that we are able to correctly identify you when you come for your vaccine.


Vaxzevria COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is not recommended for those aged under 60 years including those with medical conditions with very high or high risk of severe COVID-19 disease. A second dose of “Vaxzevria” the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine should not be given to anyone who developed unusual blood clots with low platelets after the first dose.


Advice for those who have received a first dose of Vaxzevria COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca is

Those aged 60 and older should receive their second dose 12 weeks later as scheduled.

  • Those aged under 60 years with a very high risk or high-risk medical condition should receive their second dose 12 weeks later as scheduled.
  • Those aged under 60 years without a very high risk or high-risk medical condition should have the scheduled interval between doses extended to 16 weeks to allow further assessment of the benefits and risks as more evidence becomes available.
588 Taoiseach at Citywest Vaccination Centre
An Taoiseach Micheál Martin, Paul Reid, CEO HSE, Professor Brian MacCraith. Chair, High Level Task Force on COVID19 Vaccination Eileen Whelan, Vaccination Lead Citywest.