Our Hospitals

The Dublin Midlands Hospital Group provide a wide range of emergency, treatment and rehabilitation services. These include:

  • inpatient scheduled care
  • unscheduled/emergency care
  • maternity services
  • outpatient and diagnostic services

These services are managed directly by the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group. Some services are run by voluntary organisations.

Hospital charges

From 17 April 2023 there are no hospital charges for:

  • public inpatient care
  • day service care

There may be hospital charges if you go to the:

  • emergency department
  • outpatients department

Anyone with a medical card and some other groups do not have to pay. 

Read more about hospital charges.

Acute Hospitals Division

The Hospital Group works closely with the National Acute Hospitals Division

Key functions and offices in the Acute Hospitals Division include:

  • The National Director/Deputy Directors Office
  • The National Clinical Advisor
  • Planning and Performance
  • Special Delivery Unit
  • Quality and Patient Safety

Read more about the Acute Hospitals Division.


Three times daily (8am, 2pm and 8pm), Acute Hospitals record the number of patients awaiting admission to an inpatient hospital bed.
This system is known as TrolleyGAR (Green, Amber, Red).

The TrolleyGAR report displays thresholds for each hospital. This enables daily monitoring of hospitals by tracking performance throughout the day. It also helps to inform hospitals in terms of required escalation measures.

Check the latest figures on: Urgent and emergency care report (TrolleyGAR)