Healthcare Audit

Healthcare Audit (HCA) provides assurance to the HSE that the services it provides meet statutory obligations and are delivered in accordance with best practice.  It is part of the Quality, Assurance and Verification Division (QAVD) and plays a key role in the HSE’s overall assurance framework.

Our core business

HCA supports the HSE in achieving its objectives by:

  • Providing valuable and reliable information to inform decision making
  • Identifying good practice for sharing, learning and implementing across the system
  • Testing the effectiveness of internal controls that are identified to manage risk, and
  • Providing evidence for managers in relation to signing the statement of internal control.

Audit is a quality improvement activity conducted by auditors using agreed procedures.  Recommendations from completed audits are tracked, monitored and reported to senior accountable management.

For further information please contact the HCA office on 01-6352080