HSE Operational performance and Integration

The Operational Performance and Integration teams drive integration across Integrated Operations, supporting and enhancing service delivery and performance, and generating actionable insights to enable data-driven decision making.

Contact details for Office of National Director Operational Performance and Integration

Joe Ryan (National Director)
Room 2.43
Dr Steeven's Hospital
Dublin 8

Phone: 01 635 2433Executive officer: emma.lyons3@hse.ie

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management function assists leadership and management across all levels of the HSE in the preparation of major emergency plans and the identification and mitigation of strategic and operational risk to the organisation.

It also engages with other agencies, government departments and external bodies in order to ensure a health input to co-ordinated national resilience.

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Environmental Health Services

Every day your health, your home, your community and your environment are being positively affected by the work of the Environmental Health Service. The primary role of the Environmental Health Service is to protect the public from threats to its health by preventing and controlling environmental factors which may cause ill health or reduced quality of life.

The Environmental Health Service has a role to play in a range of areas and the daily work of environmental health officers includes activities such as surveillance, investigation, inspection, audit, sampling, enforcement, education, research and advocacy. You will find full information here.


The Compliance Unit supports the implementation of the HSE Governance Framework as it applies to section 38 and section 39 providers who deliver services on behalf of the HSE.

You will find more information on compliance requirements within the HSE here.

EU and North South Unit

The HSE’s EU and North South Unit works on behalf of the HSE to promote cooperation with health providers, both north and south, to ensure better outcomes for people living in border areas and beyond.

It contributes to the health and wellbeing of people living in the border region and beyond. It enables better access to health and social care services. It does this through cross-border, all-island and multi-country work.

The unit functions at both a strategic and operational level within the HSE. It works with other agencies and departments on a cross border, all-island, cross-jurisdictional and European wide basis.

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Performance Management and Improvement Unit

The Performance Management and Improvement Unit (PMIU) works with service areas and the National Performance Oversight Group in the delivery of service improvement initiatives by way of expert analysis, intervention and assessment with a key focus on continuous service improvement for patients and service users.

The PMIU provides oversight across the areas of service user access, quality and safety, financial control and human resources.

Primary Care Reimbursement Service

PCRS is part of the HSE. It processes payments to all of the GPs, Dentists, Pharmacist and other professionals who provide free or reduced-cost services to the public. You get the service, and the PCRS pays for it on behalf of the HSE.

The HSE, Finance Shared Service, Primary Care Reimbursement Service (PCRS) supports the delivery of primary healthcare by providing reimbursement services to primary care contractors for the provision of health services to members of the public in their own community.

In addition to the processing and making of payments on a national basis to key customers, including General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Dentists and Optometrists / Ophthalmologists, the PCRS compiles statistics and trend analyses which are provided to other areas within the HSE, the Government, customers, stakeholders and to members of the public. 

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