Travellers Mental health

Traveller MH 110221

Online Counselling now available at the Traveller Counselling service. Further information here

There is specific minding your mental health guidance on the HSE Coronavirus site

Connecting for Life partner services during COVID-19

The Governments one stop shop for mental health

Getting through Covid 19 together

Exchange House Mental health support specifically for Travellers

NTMHSCovid19Service Provision.docx (size 19.3 KB)

Resources below from various sources including South East THU and Pavee Point

Minding Your Nuck - Pavee Points pathways to Mental Health services

Pavee Point have produced various mental health resources for young Travellers during Covid-19 here

Minding My Mind CHO5 Poster

Minding your Mental Health poster

Traveller Mental Health Do/Don't poster

SECH Minding my Mind poster

SECH Supporting Travellers Mental Health

Minding each other during Coronavirus (Covid 19) and social distancing

SECH Tips for Men and Minding the Mind.docx (size 173.4 KB)

Tops tips for wellbeing

SECH Wellbeing Useful Numbers.docx (size 20.3 KB)

Minding my mental health leaflet 

HSE SECH (CHO5) have developed a video clip to support people with Minding My Mind  

Mental Health supports phone numbers

Coronavirus (COVID 19)- Keeping Travellers Well, Minding your Nucks

Traveller youth minding your wellbeing during Coronavirus (COVID 19)