Child Safeguarding Statement

The publication of a Child Safeguarding Statement is a requirement under the Children First Act 2015 for organisations working with children and families. This is a written statement that specifies the service being provided and the principles and procedures to be observed in order to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing of the service is safe from harm.

Under the Children First Act 2015, all organisations working with children and families and which are classed as ‘relevant services’, must have a Child Safeguarding Statement in place by 11th March 2018.

As the HSE is a large and complex organisation with many relevant services under its remit, the decision was taken to implement a cascade of Child Safeguarding Statements across the organisation. This cascade incorporates an overarching Corporate Child Safeguarding Statement (CSS) which can be viewed below; a CSS at each Community Health Organisation (CHO) and Hospital Group level and, where necessary, subsidiary CSSs at individual relevant service level. Each layer of the cascade will, where relevant, adopt the CSS above it and identify any further relevant risks and procedures applicable to it.

The safety, welfare and development of children and young people is a core objective and key priority for the HSE. All staff should make themselves aware of the content of the Child Safeguarding Statement for their service, the potential risks of harm to a child identified, and the policies and procedures in place to safeguard children.