Compliance Assurance

HSE Children First Compliance Assurance is currently provided across 3 Levels:

Level 1: Self-assessment

  1. Individual Services (HSE and HSE Funded) must complete the Children First Implementation and Compliance Self-Audit Checklist annually. A copy of the completed checklist should be retained and made available on request e.g. for HSE compliance assurance checks or internal audits.
  2. All staff Grade VIII and above are required to complete key Children First Compliance Statements as part of the HSE Annual Controls Assurance Review Process (CARP) Internal Controls Questionnaire.
  3. HSE Funded agencies are required, as part of their Service Arrangements, to provide a declaration of compliance with Children First on an annual basis.
  4. Bi-annually, HSE Children First Operational Steering Committees submit a Self-Assessment of Children First Progress Update and Key Issues Arising. The HSE Children First National Office collates these reports into a national Summary of Progress Report.

Level 2: Independent Compliance Assurance Checks by the HSE Children First National Office

An annual programme of Children First Compliance Assurance Checks will be carried out, across a selection of HSE and HSE Funded Services, by HSE Children First Training and Development Officers.

Children First Compliance Assurance Checks provide a level of independent assurance, and governance of Children First compliance, to individual services and HSE Senior Management. The primary aim of the Compliance Assurance Check process is to support and enhance child safeguarding arrangements in our services.

The HSE Children First National Office has developed a Framework for the completion of Children First Compliance Assurance Checks. The Framework aims to support consistent decision-making, and a transparent process, for conducting the Checks.

A copy of the HSE Children First National Office Compliance Assurance Framework will be available to download once the document is made accessible. In the interim, if you require a copy of the framework please contact

Level 3: Internal Audit

Children First themed audits undertaken by HSE Internal Audit.