HSE Staff

Children First is a national policy document which promotes the safety and well-being of all children. Children First is intended to assist people in identifying and reporting child protection and welfare concerns and outlines how to deal effectively with concerns. It highlights the role and responsibilities of everyone in protecting children and promoting their welfare.

Under Children First all organisations who are involved with children have an obligation to provide them with the highest possible standard of care in order to promote their well-being and safeguard them from abuse.

All HSE Staff

The policy of the HSE is that ALL HSE STAFF irrespective of grade or position have a responsibility under Children First to protect children and to promote their welfare.

Download and read about the responsibilities of ALL HSE staff under Children First.

Designated Officers

All staff have responsibilities to protect children and promote their welfare. Some HSE staff have additional responsibilities. For example certain grades of HSE staff are called Designated Officers.

You can check if you are a Designated Officer and your responsibilities under Children First.

Mandated Persons

Check Schedule 2 of the Children First Act 2015 to find out if you are a Mandated Person.

Mandated persons have two main legal obligations under the Children First Act 2015:

  1. To report harm of children, above a defined threshold, to Tusla - Child and Family Agency
  2. To assist Tusla, if requested, in assessing a concern which has been the subject of a mandated report

The section for Mandated Persons has more information.

How to report a child protection or welfare concern

All HSE personnel have a duty to report suspected child abuse, neglect or welfare concerns.

The following section outlines the Reporting Procedure for HSE staff who have a Child Protection or Welfare concern.