General Public

Information for Parents, Guardians and the General Public

The safety, welfare and development of children and young people are core objectives and key priorities for the HSE.

Under the Children First Act 2015 the HSE has statutory obligations to:

  • Keep children and young people safe from harm while attending the service.
  • Assess any potential for harm to a child or young person while attending the service.
  • Develop a Child Safeguarding Statement that outlines the policies and procedures which are in place to manage the risks that have been identified.
  • Appoint a relevant person to be the first point of contact in respect of the Child Safeguarding Statement.

The Child Safeguarding Statement should be on display in HSE services, and a copy can be made available to service users and members of the public on request.

Key Responsibilities of HSE Staff

  • Every staff member has a responsibility and duty of care to ensure that every child or young person availing of and or attending a HSE service is safe and protected from harm.
  • All staff have a responsibility to report concerns to Tusla - Child and Family Agency without delay, where there is a reasonable concern in relation to the safety or welfare of a child. If you tell a staff member anything that gives them reasonable grounds to be concerned about a child or a child’s safety or welfare they must make a report to Tusla.
  • Mandated Persons are legally required to report to Tusla without delay, any knowledge, belief or reasonable suspicion that a child has been harmed, is being harmed, or is risk of being harmed.
  • Wherever possible parents or guardians should be informed of any child protection or welfare concern, and where a report is being made to Tusla or An Garda Síochána.

The safety and welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility.

If you have a concern about the welfare or protection of a child you should contact Tusla - Child and Family Agency.