Individual dietetic consultations

Patients can be referred to the Dietitian for an individual consultation as outlined in the referral guidelines and for any of the following reasons:

1. Refer patients with Type 2 diabetes who would like/need nutrition education on any of the following

Weight management
Portion control
Carbohydrate awareness
Fibre sources
Healthy fats
Eating out
Reading food labels
DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to stop Hypertension)
Portfolio diet

2. Refer patients who would like/need nutrition counselling (behaviour change counselling)

Motivational interviewing
Strategies to overcome emotional eating
Support around self care behaviours

3. Refer patients

With long-standing diabetes with limited prior education
Where there is a change in medication, activity, or nutritional intake
With HbA1c out of target
To help maintain positive health outcomes
With unexplained hypoglycaemia or hyperglycemia
Who are planning pregnancy
With new life situations and competing demand

4. Refer when new complicating factors influence self-management. Change in:

Health conditions such as renal disease and stroke, need for steroid or complicated medication regime
Physical limitations such as visual impairment, dexterity issues, movement restrictions
Emotional factors which may affect appetite
Basic living needs such as access to food, financial limitations

5. Refer when transitions in care occur. Change in:

Living situation e.g. now living alone
Age related changes affecting cognition, self-care etc.

This is subject to resources. There may be limited or no primary care dietetic service in some areas. 

How do I to refer a patient for individual consultation to the dietitian?

Please complete the diabetes dietitian referral and send to your local community dietitian using locally agreed policy.