Diabetes Nursing

The nursing team in ECAD is made up of three Diabetes Nurse Specialists (DNSs); Deirdre Hall, Joanne Lowe and Claire Dingle .

We provide a primary care based specialist diabetes nursing service to individual patients with Complicated Type 2 Diabetes who have been referred to us by GPs and Practice Nurses (PN).

We offer guidance to PNs when setting up a clinic as part of the Diabetes Cycle of Care(CoC) on establishing a register and a recall system. We can also do joint clinics with Practice Nurses with a view to building skills and confidence in managing Uncomplicated Type 2 diabetes in the initial phase. We are happy to discuss / review patients with Complicated Type 2 Diabetes in your practice

We are closely linked with St. Columcille's Hospital (SCH), St. Vincent's University Hospital (SVUH) and St. Michael's Hospital (SMH) as part of the integration of primary and secondary care.

We also offer Pre-Diabetes education sessions.


We provide Education of Health Care Professionals. We can also provide education on an individual basis as requested by the PN or GP.

In addition, we participate in the structured education programme X-PERT which is delivered by dietitians to people with Type 2 diabetes.


For further information, please contact the Integrated Care Hub in Bray

Phone 01 2744101 or ICH.bray@hse.ie