Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring

Some people with Type 2 diabetes may not be required to self-test their capillary blood glucose levels. Those who are prescribed medication for diabetes control are generally advised to self-test. The frequency of testing is dependant upon the type of medication prescribed. Medications associated with hypoglycaemia require more frequent blood glucose monitoring e.g. sulphonylureas and insulin. Guide to Blood Glucose (Sugar) Testing Type 2 Diabetes outlines when and how often testing is required.

The amount of blood glucose test strips required are based on medications prescribed.

Diabetes TreatmentNumber of Test Strips
Diet100 / year


DPP-IV Inhibitor

GLP-1 Analog

Thiazolidnedone (TZD)

SGLT2 Inhibitor

50 / month
Sulphonylurea e.g. Gliclazide100 / month
Insulin therapyUnlimited

Planning pregnancy

Additional strips can be prescribed where necessary by contacting PCRS online services on

Guide to Blood Glucose (Sugar) Testing Type 2 Diabetes