ECAD Background

The East Coast Area Diabetes Shared Care Programme (ECAD) was established in 2002 by Dr. Tony O’ Sullivan, GP Irishtown and Ringsend, Dublin and Prof. Donal O’ Shea, consultant endocrinologist, St. Vincent's University and St. Columcille's Hospitals, for the management of Type 2 Diabetes. Mr. John Fennell, the then HSE Primary Care Manager, was approached to provide support to this initiative, and a Steering Group was formed. The group was instrumental in recruiting a Diabetes Nurse Specialist (DNS) and senior community Dietitian to support and deliver diabetes care in the community.

All GPs in the East Coast Area (now known as Community Healthcare East) were invited to join ECAD. Twelve practices originally joined with a further 15 joining in 2009. All received education related to the management of Type 2 diabetes in the community.

Initially, diabetes care was delivered as a shared care approach with one visit per year delivered within general practice and a second visit, or annual review, within secondary care. Today, in keeping with the Guidelines on Type 2 Diabetes - Integrated Care (ICGP, 2016), only those with Complicated Type 2 diabetes are managed in this manner. Those with Uncomplicated Type 2 diabetes are managed within primary care.

Over the years the number of DNSs and dietitians has increased. The ECAD Team section introduces you to today's team members.