About the East Coast Area Diabetes Programme

Due to COVID 19, ECAD routine appointments for the review of people with Type 2 Diabetes are currently suspended. For more information see our COVID -19 information page

Welcome message from Prof. Ronan Canavan

Welcome to the East Coast Area Diabetes (ECAD) Programme website. This has been developed by the ECAD Team for community-based Health Care Professionals (HCPs) caring for people with Type 2 diabetes in Community Healthcare East (CHE). The ECAD Programme has been running since 2002 and over the years has gained understanding and experience around the needs of HCPs in caring for people with Type 2 diabetes in the community. Since the Diabetes Cycle of Care (C0C) was introduced, more people living with Type 2 diabetes receive care within their communities, close to where they live and/or work, by professionals who also look after their other healthcare needs.

Given the challenge of keeping abreast of all aspects of ever-changing healthcare, this website endeavours to provide current, evidence-based support and guidance in respect of Type 2 diabetes. In particular, it introduces you to local services and specialists, facilitating easy access to both. Finally and importantly, the website will keep you updated on relevant educational events in CHE and beyond. We hope that wherever you may be on your journey of delivering diabetes-related care, you will find this website useful and that it will facilitate satisfaction and reward in delivering care.

Prof. Ronan Canavan, ECAD Chair and Consultant Endocrinologist, St. Columcille’s and St. Vincent’s University Hospitals.

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