Referring a person with Type 2 diabetes

The ICGP Guidelines for Integrated Type 2 Diabetes Care recommend that ideally, all newly diagnosed patients need to be advised by a dietitian within 4 weeks of diagnosis and all people with Type 2 diabetes should have an annual dietetic review.

This may occur via the DISCOVER DIABETES Self-management education programme or an individual appointment.

All patients with diabetes should be offered a place on a self management education programme. The programme in CHE is DISCOVER DIABETES. 

HSE Community Health East Dietetic Diabetes Patient Care Pathway in Primary care.

(Adapted from: National HSE Nutrition and Dietetic Care Plan for Type 2 Diabetes in primary care, 2013 )

Patients who may require individual consultation with a dietitian in conjunction with an offer to group SPE:

  • Patients with chronic kidney disease
  • Patients commencing on insulin
  • Patients with diabetes and Coeliac disease
  • "Complicated Type 2 diabetes" patients as specified in the ICGP guidelines (1) - This is subject to resources; there may be no community dietetic service in some areas, no administration and waiting lists in others
  • Dietetic Services for people with Type 2 diabetes in Community CHE
  • Individual consultations
  • Group programmes