Pre-diabetes: Diabetes Prevention Course

Pre-Diabetes is an umbrella term for Impaired Fasting Glucose (IFG) and Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT). Whilst glucose levels are not high enough to be classed as Type 2 diabetes there is abnormal glucose regulation. Evidence shows this is a highly reversible condition through weight loss and increased levels of physical activity. (Ref public health England, systematic review of diabetes prevention) 

In view of this, East Coast Area Diabetes (ECAD) offers a diabetes prevention course comprising of 3 group sessions over a period of 6 months. Session 1 is with the diabetes nurse and session 2 is with the diabetes dietitian. Both sessions are 3 hours long and 1 week apart. A follow up session is offered at 6 months. If a patient is unsuitable for group education and requires one to one care please contact the team on a needs to basis.

The sessions are open to all people confirmed with a diagnosis of Pre-Diabetes.

Below identifies venous blood sample ranges consistent with a diagnosis of Pre-Diabetes.

Diagnosis of Pre-Diabetes

Fasting Blood Glucose 5.6 – 6.9mmols
2 hour post prandial 7.8 – 11mmols
Hba1c 39 – 47mmol/mol

Sessions are delivered in a variety of locations in Community Healthcare East (CHE).

Please send referrals on the Referral Form (docx) to Roisin Kavanagh


Fax: 01 2744289

Living Well with Pre Diabetes Booklet

Finnish Diabetes Risk Score