Educational Supports

Financial Supports for Non Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs)  

There are currently three schemes in operation which provide financial support to NCHDs funded by the NDTP.  The schemes are:

1. Clinical Course & Examination Refund Scheme for NCHDs

This scheme is open to all NCHDs. There is an approved list of clinical courses & examinations qualifying for this refund scheme contained in the guidance document. Commencing 8th July 2019 the full cost of an approved examination/course taken on or after this date is eligible to be refunded provided the NCHD has Passed the exam or Completed the appropriate course. Applications are submitted online via the NCHDs NER Portal.

The Clinical Course Exam Refund Scheme User Guide explains the steps required to making a CCERS Application via the NER Portal

2. Training Supports Scheme for NCHDs

This scheme is open to all NCHDs who hold a current HSE NCHD contract 2010 for a minimum period of 12 weeks and are working in an HSE funded post. Funding is allocated based on Grade and the table below indicates the amount available under the TSS for each registration training year, July – July. Funding is available pro-rata for doctors employed on shorter contract durations.

Grade Amount per Registration Year
Intern €750
SHOs and Registrars €1250
SPRs/GP Registrars/Psychiatry SRs on a training scheme €2000

A list of approved clinical courses, conferences and examinations that can be claimed for under the TSS are listed in the TSS Guidance Document for Employers & NCHDs which can be accessed below

Please see the NCHD Training Support Scheme Guidance Document 2021.pdf (size 1.5 MB) which contains a detailed explanation of the Scheme

The Training Supports Scheme User Guide explains the steps required to making a Training Supports Application via the NER Portal

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on NCHDs ability to utilise their TSS balance during this training year, due to the additional service demands and cancelled or rescheduled courses/conferences/exams. To address this issue, we are renewing last year’s policy and allowing the rollover of remaining TSS balances from the current training year (July 2020 - July 2021) into the following training year (July 2021 - July 2022), provided NCHDs are still eligible for TSS.tss

Please note the following scenarios which may arise due to the one-off rollover of TSS balances:

  • NCHDs with a remaining 2020 - 2021 TSS balance will have this rolled over and added to next year’s TSS entitlements (dependent on grade and contract duration) should they remain eligible for TSS. Example: A Registrar, that is eligible for TSS in July 2021, has €250 remaining from the 2020 - 2021 training year. This will now be rolled over in July 2021 and added to their 2021 - 2022 entitlement of €1250 giving them a total of €1,500 for the 2021 - 2022 training year.
  • NCHDs with no remaining 2020 - 2021 TSS balances will have no rollover of TSS funds and will be awarded their new TSS entitlement only from 12th July 2021, provided they are still eligible for TSS.
  • NCHDs that leave employment in July but return at some stage during the 2021-2022 training year will be entitled to a pro-rata TSS entitlement based on their contract duration. Also if they have a remaining balance from July 2020 - July 2021 training year they will also be entitled to this.
    Example: An SpR that leaves in July but has a remaining balance of €200 from July 2020 - July 2021 then returns in January 2022 – July 2022 will be entitled to their remaining balance from 2020 - 2021 i.e. €200 plus their 2021 - 2022 TSS entitlement pro-rata.
3. Specialist Training Fund for Higher Specialist Trainees

This scheme is open to higher specialist trainees and 3rd/4th year GP trainees only. The funding available to each trainee is €500 per year of training and the fund rolls over if not claimed in a particular year. 

The Specialist Training Fund for Higher Specialist Trainees (2020/2021) guidance document contains a detailed explanation of the Scheme should be completed and submitted to the your Postgraduate Medical Training Body to claim your refund.

Financial Supports for Consultants  

1. Consultant CME - Continuing Medical Education

This Scheme is open to Consultants employed in the public service. It allows Consultants claim a maximum of €3,000 per annum towards courses and conference, reference materials and professional fees. Further information is available in the memo claiming travel costs the guidance document and the application form should be completed in full and returned to the relevant employer for processing.

 21.10.01 NER Memo 15 2021 re Consultant Online CME Access and rollover of CME balance.pdf (size 432.5 KB)

NER 15 2021 CME Addendum and Form-1.doc (size 69.1 KB)