Request a video upload

If you need to upload a video to the HSE YouTube account, follow this guide.

Before you create a video

All videos published on the HSE YouTube account need to be created in line with the:

In particular, please ensure that the video producer has included:

How to request a video upload

Details about video

Include the following details: 

  • Title of video - 65 characters maximum. The title must accurately describe the content of the video.
  • Description of video - the recommended length is 200 words. Include relevant keywords in the description
  • Tags for video - up to 10 keywords that describe the content of your video

Details about you

  • Your department or team 
  • Phone number
  • Confirmation that the video is signed off. We will only upload the final version of the video as we cannot upload multiple versions of the same video. 

Sending your video

Videos must be sent using HSE Sharefile account. If you do not have a sharefile account you can request one from your local service desk.

Single videos must be sent at least 5 working days in advance. Multiple videos may take longer. If you don't follow these guidelines, there may be a delay in uploading your video. 

Please send the request through to Include the text 'Youtube video upload' in the subject line of the email. 

What happens next

When the video is uploaded, we will respond by providing you with a YouTube link to the video.