Comments and Compliments

Comments and compliments are welcomed as they enable services to promote and build on good practice.  It is important to listen to comments and compliments from Service Users. Feedback leaflets will be made available in all HSE areas to enable people (including staff members) to acknowledge good practice or to make constructive suggestions to further improve services.

Any comments about services must be routed back to that service and to the people working there and will be used by relevant services to identify areas of the service where quality improvements are required.  Comments will be logged locally, followed up and monitored where appropriate.  A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to Service Users who provided a name and address with their comments.

Compliments that focus on individual members of staff or service units will be logged locally and will be forwarded to the relevant employee.

Learning from Positive Experiences

It is recommended that good patient experience and compliments received should be promoted and reported across all services within the HSE.  These act as a positive commentary on progress and improvement, and a focus on good quality Service User and patient care.  There is benefit to be gained from regularly and consistently acknowledging and highlighting positive feedback across the various services.

In 2018, a module of the web based Complaints Management System (CMS) will be available to support the capture of positive feedback.  Learning from this feedback will be shared throughout the organisation to highlight where things are working well.