Supporting Staff


The HSE has a duty of care to look after the psychological, as well as the physical, wellbeing of staff who have been involved in and/or affected by a complaint and to ensure that they are managed and supported appropriately.  Involvement in a complaint can have profound consequences for those staff members.

Staff must be supported and assisted in every way possible throughout the complaints management process and made aware of the supports available to them. The staff member must also be advised of their right to representation, and to be informed of any support networks and designated persons available to assist them in responding to complaints, for example, union officials/local representatives, professional bodies, human resource managers, peer support officers and equality officers.

 The HSE will safeguard the rights and dignity of staff members in the implementation of Your Service Your Say, the Management of Service User Feedback for Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy and associated supporting documents.

  • Staff across all levels of the organisation are trained in complaints handling and able to deal with complaints at the first point of contact.
  • A clear process for managing feedback is communicated to staff.
  • Staff are treated with dignity and respect, compassion and empathy.
  • Staff are supported throughout the complaints management process and informed of their rights.
  • The practical, professional, psychological, emotional and social needs of staff involved in or affected by feedback are identified and addressed.