Recommendations: Life Cycle of a Complaint

Recommendations made and accepted following the investigation of complaints are implemented fully and all relevant persons have been informed of this.

The importance of learning following on from the Complaints Officer / Review Officer recommendations, as part of their investigation into formal complaints, is essential in ensuring service improvement.

Table 4: Importance of recommendations in the life cycle of a complaint

Table 4 Importance of recommendations in the life cycle of a complaint

Recommendations made by both Complaints Officers and Review Officers of formal complaints are captured on the HSE Complaints Management System (CMS).

The system allows for the inclusion of data, such as;

  • Who made the recommendation
  • Who the recommendation has been assigned to
  • Recommendation accepted status
  • Recommendation implementation status
  • Target date for implementation
  • Recommendation close date
  • Recommendation details
  • Implementation details
  • Recommendation outcome

QAV and Complaints Managers will have real time access to recommendations data made within their areas of responsibility.  This will include direct access to the recommendations made by Complaints Officers and Review Officers, which can be used for shared learning, to populate anonymised casebooks and for implementation of their respective Recommendation Action Plans (see Appendices)