Redress: Listening & Responding to Feedback

Redress relates to setting a situation right when things go wrong.  It should be consistent and fair for both the Complainant and the service against which the complaint was made.

The HSE or relevant Service Provider should offer forms of redress or responses that are appropriate and reasonable where it has been established that a measurable loss, detriment or disadvantage was suffered or sustained by the Complainant personally.

This redress may include:

  • A (written) apology
  • An explanation
  • A report on the action which has or will be taken to prevent similar concerns arising
  • Admission of fault
  • Change of decision
  • Correction of misleading or incorrect records
  • The offer of remedial treatment
  • Technical assistance
  • Recommendation to make a change to a relevant policy or law

If someone is pursuing a complaint through legal action, the HSE complaints management process is suspended.

In accordance with Recommendation 28 (Response) of the Ombudsman’s, Learning to Get Better Report, each Hospital Group and Community Healthcare Organisation must develop a standardised policy on redress.

For further detailed information on individual redress policies, refer to your local Complaints Manager.