HR Departments and Functions

National Employee Relations (NER)

National Employee Relations Services falls under the National HR Division and deals with national employee relations matters in respect of the public health sector (HSE and Section 38 organisations).  It works includes representation of and provision of advice to public health service employers in relation to national industrial relations agreements, national HR policies and procedures, employment legislation and third party claims.

Contact details –  or 01 6626966

John Delamere

Assistant National Director - National Employee Relations - (Industrial and Employee Relations)

Norah Mason

Assistant National Director - National Employee Relations - (Employee Relations Policy, Advisory & Investigative services)

Strategic Workforce Planning and Intelligence 

The Strategic Workforce Planning & Intelligence Unit has overarching responsibility for the monitoring and operation of the current employment control framework for the health services in line with Government policy on Public Service numbers and costs. This includes employment monitoring, production of monthly census, maintenance of census database, production of monthly employment monitoring reports and production of monthly percentage absence rates. It also includes monitoring retirements and resignations on a monthly basis and maternity leave, secondment arrangements and acting-up allowances on a quarterly basis. 

The Strategic Workforce Planning & Intelligence Unit liaises and engages with the Department of Health and Children / Department of Finance re Government policy on health service numbers and costs in the context of the HSE's employment control framework. The unit prepares primary notifications of approval to recruit in respect of new approved and funded service developments. 

Contact details - (01) 6352623

Leadership, Learning and Talent Management 

The Leadership, Learning and Talent Management department is responsible for:-

  • the development and implementation of a Leadership, Learning and Talent Management Strategy for health service managers, which delivers education, development and support in the context of optimum delivery of corporate and service plans;
  • the development and operation of a Leadership Development Programme for senior leaders in the HSE through the identification, assessment and development of key talent in the organisation. Coaching and mentoring are included as key elements to support leadership and management development;
  • leading the SKILL Programme by managing the tender process, budget allocation, development and quality assuring a suite of training and development activities for administrative and support staff across the wider health service based on identified priorities;
  • the development and procurement of best in class eLearning Education and Development solutions for staff in the wider health service and the provision and maintenance of practice development hubs in partnership with subject matter experts to support key development activities, delivered through the dedicated Irish health service online learning portal;
  • the provision of bespoke organisational support and development to teams and functions; and
  • the provision of support for the implementation of individual and team performance management processes. This includes the provision of guides, training and support for line managers and staff in the process and ongoing monitoring of implementation.

Contact details – 8817038

Human Resources – HR Shared Services

HR Shared Services aims to provide a high quality, customer focused suite of transactional HR services to the HSE and Tusla. HR Shared Services operate in partnership with all relevant stakeholders, internal and external, to transform transactional HR in responding to the varying and changing needs of the organisation and the wider public health service. 

HR Shared Services engage with all employees throughout their careers in support of the hire to retire journey. The services provided by HR Shared Services include Recruitment, Personnel Administration, Garda Vetting, Agency Management and Pensions. 

Contact Details: Eileen Winnington, Assistant National Director of HR, HR Shared Services, Tel: (071) 9820558

Contact details for HSE HR Shared Services

HR Shared Services

HR Support for Services

There is a designated Assistant National Director of Human Resources to support each Hospital Group, Community Healthcare Organisation, Health Business Services and Corporate Services.

Contact details for HSE HR

Corporate Compliance and Resource Optimisation (CCRO)

Corporate Compliance Resource Optimisation (CCRO) ensures that the National HR Directorate complies with all applicable legislation, regulations, rules and ethical standards, by developing procedures and internal controls to prevent and detect anomalies. The CCRO also plans, bids, and matches available resources, within National HR ( human, financial etc. ), with the needs of the organisation to achieve agreed goals.

The CCRO incorporates the HR Pay Compliance Unit which was established is to address, provide assurance and enhance the control environment on the impact of avoidable costs associated with non-conforming payroll related payments within the HSE

The Risk Management team within the CCRO manage risk manages the support and on-going development of the Enterprise Risk Management Programme; anticipating, identifying, assessing and responding to operational and strategic risks and reporting processes within the HR Directorate.