QPS Ireland Network Map

This network map aims to visualise and build the connections of those who are involved in healthcare quality improvement in Ireland. The map is managed by the HSE and the Q community.

Purpose of the map

To assist people in making meaningful QI connections and collaborating with others across the network. Please only use the map for its intended purpose. 

Network Main map

View 1

Network Geo map

View 2

Who is the map for?

People involved in healthcare quality improvement in Ireland.

Main Network Map

Follow QPS Ireland Network Map to see all members of the network and whom they are connected with within the network (View 1). The map is searchable.

Geo Network Map 

Follow the QPS Ireland Network Geomap to see were all members of the network are based geographically on a map of Ireland (View 2) . The map is searchable. 

Join the Network Map

To opt in to join the map just enter your details. You will then be sent a unique link to a short survey (in SumApp) where you can add information to be shown about you on the map.  You are also invited to select from the map, the people that you are already connected with and indicate your connection type (constant, frequent, occasional).

Read about the steps to opt in.

Your participation in the map is entirely voluntary and is based on your specific and informed consent.  You can withdraw at anytime by deleting your data on the map.

Please note the links to view the maps are live i.e. when you join the map or update your information – the embedded maps will update instantly.  

We ask you to keep your profile and connections up to date as this adds to the richness and usability of the network map.

Lost your link to the map?                                               

If you are already a map member but have misplaced your unique link, you can have the link resent to you.

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Suggest improvements

To start with we have kept the map simple. We can change as we learn more about using the map. If you have any suggested improvements, have any issues with, or questions about the map, please contact matthew.hill@health.org.uk